6 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Where will the business be in 5 years? That should be the question that every small-business owner and chief marketing officer for larger companies ask themselves when planning their digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

There is so much competition out there for keywords, social media followers, and appearances that it is impossible to build a business without the help of a digital marketing agency. At HubSpot , we have compiled a list of six signs to let you know it might be time for your business to make a move and hire an SEO company.

1) Where Are All the Customers?

A sure sign your business needs help with its digital presence is if there are not enough customers. Wherever this may be, whether it’s on social media or in search engines, follow the trail back to see where all of them went. Chances are someone else has been taking them from you through relevant content, quality products/services, or other effective strategies. This should serve as a wake-up call that the competition knows what they are doing and you need the help of an SEO agency like Jacksonville SEO.

2) Your Competitors Are Taking All the Business

If your competitors seem to be stealing all the business, then it’s time for you to start paying attention to their digital marketing strategy. They could be burying you in backlinks or taking over social media with their following. Whatever it is, just know that if they can do it. Also keep in mind that when you see your competitors making changes in Google search results, it might benefit your business to try something similar. If they are ranking higher than you on certain keywords, take advantage of this knowledge and implement what worked for them in your own campaign. This way you can compete with your competitor while attempting to outrank them on Google (and potentially others like Yahoo or Bing).

3) Your Sales Aren’t Increasing

Have you tried increasing prices, marketing to new niches, or hosting more events? If not, then it’s possible that the problem isn’t with your business but rather how you are portraying yourself online. Maybe our digital agency could help boost brand awareness through search engine optimization and social media growth. Plus, if other companies are taking customers from you without known attribution, there is no way of knowing which strategies will work best until someone tries something new. That’s where reputable digital marketing agencies like digital marketing agency Jacksonville come in!

4) You Can’t Find Your Own Website When Searching for Keywords

Another sign that might be time to hire an SEO agency is if you can’t find your own website when searching for keywords across search engines. First, realize that our company worked with several companies in the past who didn’t even know their websites were ranking on Google or Yahoo/Bing! This just goes to show how powerful digital marketing strategies are today. And while it’s not impossible to try and rank without help, it certainly makes sense to hire a reputable company.

5) You Can’t Keep up With Social Media

Social media has become such an integral part of digital marketing strategies that it is hard for any business to keep up with all the latest trends. As someone who develops social media strategies, I know this all too well; there is always more to learn and a new social network to consider for customer acquisition. This is where we come in as a digital agency that specializes in all of the most popular social media outlets.

6) You Need More Time

Last, but not least, you need more time! In order to effectively implement a digital marketing campaign, it will take some time. But slowly you’ll find yourself growing your following through quality content or perhaps planning events on the weekends instead of frantically trying to keep up with everything else going on at work. Maybe this sign isn’t even about hiring a digital company per se, but instead taking a look at how one’s schedule can be restructured so there is more time available for personal projects such as blogging or video editing. Plus, when you hire a digital marketing company, it’s our job to help you with your online presence. Thus freeing up time for other tasks so that your business can grow even more than before!

Conclusion: If any of these signs sound familiar, then perhaps it is time to hire a reputable company like digital marketing jacksonville. Just keep in mind that while some growth might come naturally from trying new things, hiring an SEO agency will increase the chances of success exponentially.

To wrap up:

It might be time to hire a digital marketing agency if:

-You’re seeing your competitors take all your customers

-Your sales aren’t increasing

-You can’t find your own website when searching for keywords on search engines

-You don’t have enough free time

-You need more time to keep up with social media

If any of these things sound familiar, it might be time to hire a reputable digital marketing agency. Don’t try and go at it alone because our digital marketing agency has years of experience under their belt that ensures your success. Just keep in mind that hiring an SEO agency will increase the chances of success exponentially.