Web Design Hacks That Experts Are Not Telling You

Not too many startup owners are aware that when it comes to ecommerce and business management, web design tends to top the list of priorities. There’s a reason why ecommerce web design is so crucial, and no business owner is going to experience standout success without the help of reliable web design services.

That said, an ecommerce website design company isn’t the only thing a business needs to overcome the rest of the competition. There are quite a few web design hacks out there that no one is talking about, yet they are some of the most vital strategies in today’s digital industry. Here are a few web design hacks that experts are often hesitant about sharing.

  • With ecommerce web design, less is more

While many store owners focus on offering as many web design features as possible, it’s not about how well an online store distracts customers but how well they can attract them. It’s different from a physical market, where those that step in are likely to purchase something simply because they entered the store.

Those that step into an online store have no reason to buy anything — unless the company gives them a reason. If they can’t see an easy way to make a purchase, they will likely leave without getting anything. Adopting a minimalist approach makes it easier for online users to find what they want, increasing the odds of a purchase.

  • When selling to your demographic, take the time to understand them

Online store owners have plenty of competition, as the many opportunities of ecommerce lure in entrepreneurs from all over the world. Such is the reason why it’s crucial to learn about the target demographic, ensuring that any web design feature is applied with the right audience in mind.

Take the time to understand the demographic, especially the local audience. Even if ecommerce is about attracting online users from all over, understanding what the locals want can help build a solid local following.

  • Without an ecommerce website design company, there’s little chance of success

It’s understandable for some companies to try to cut corners when handling web design. Instead of hiring the best in the business, they go with the bare minimum and use their experience to fill out the blanks. While it might not necessarily be a bad idea, there is little chance of success if the company doesn’t hire the right professionals. With regard to startup management, one of the core tenets is to make up for the lack of experience by hiring professional services. Therefore, it’s crucial to spare no expense when searching for the best web design agency.

  • When it comes to web design, loading speed is a top priority

Last but certainly not least, one of the biggest secrets of web design is the fact that loading speed is a top priority no matter the situation. While it might seem common knowledge, many tend to underestimate the importance of loading speed, especially in an age where convenience and accessibility are the keys to success. In fact, every move the company owner makes when developing a website should keep loading times in mind no matter the case.

If a website takes as little as ten seconds to load, it’s already too long, and most people will likely look for other websites and online stores to visit. Most people give about 15 seconds for a website to catch their attention, including loading times. 


The web design tips above help online store owners make the most out of their opportunities. Even if the competition might be fierce, entrepreneurs can make their mark on the industry by pushing for simplicity and accessibility.